Miriam Tulevski

Visit Indonesia Tourism Officer Australia

Miriam Tulevski is the Founder and Managing Director of Indo a Go-Go tourism marketing. IGG is an Australia – Indonesia focussed tourism marketer assisting Governments, industry and travel stakeholders to understand their opportunity and market it.

Miriam is the Visit Indonesia Tourism Office Country Representative in Australia where she provides research, analysis and recommendations, engages with travel stakeholders and supports Indonesian Ministry of Tourism activity.

Services include strategic planning, PR, stakeholder engagement, events, advertising and representation.

Indo a Go-Go clients have included Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation, Nusa Tenggara Barat Provincial Government and Tugu Hotels.

Miriam is a past NSW Chair and National Board member of the Australia Indonesia Business Council. She was the education Convenor of the Australia Indonesia Association. Miriam speaks Bahasa Indonesia and has an MBA from UNSW.